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March 2024

Matt (postdoc) and Jiaan (PhD student) have joined the lab, welcome to both!

February 2024

Bart's protocol paper on how to train SVM models for segmentation curation was published! Available here.

January 2024

Sander's paper was published in Cell Systems! Available here.

May 2023

Kristina was awarded a junior postdoctoral fellowship from the FWO. At almost the same time, she was also awarded a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congrats Kristina!

March 2023

Kristina was awarded a MSCA SoE FWO Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congrats Kristina!

January 2023

Preprint with Sander's last postdoc work from his time in the lab of Christine Jacobs-Wagner is out. We examined the interplay between cell morphology, growth and cell cycle events in E. coli, and identify several simple systems-level relations that help us understand how robustness in the cell cycle control of E. coli emerges. Available here!

September 2022

The lab has been expanding in recent weeks, check out our PEOPLE page, welcome everyone!

February 2022

Now that the lab has been officially established, time to fill it with some more people! Have a look at our JOIN US page for (ERC-funded) opportunities for both PhD students and postdocs!

January 2022

The lab was awarded an ERC Starting Grant!! The "BacterialBlueprint" project is aimed at uncovering the internal architecture of bacterial replication and identifying the molecular mechanisms that underlie it. We will be hiring both PhD students and postdocs to work on this project, official job postings to come soon!

October 2021

Sander will join the Biology Department at KU Leuven as a BOFZAP Assistant Professor in February 2022, which means that our lab will officially open in Leuven/Heverlee (Belgium) on February 1st of 2022!

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